Water Purifier

Kent Superb 9L RO+UV Water Purifier Review

 The latest offering from the market leader in Water Purification systems is the Kent Superb 9 L UV + RO Water Purifier. It includes the best of Kent’s technology and a sturdy design for commercial as well as home use. The many features of the Superb are highlighted below: DOUBLE PURIFICATION BY RO + UV + UF WITH TDS CONTROLLER REMOVES EVEN DISSOLVED IMPURITIES WHILE RETAINING ESSENTIAL MINERALS P...[Read More]

Kent Grand+ Mineral RO+UV Water Purifier Review

The most recognizable brand in Water Purifiers comes up with the best in class water purification system and that is the “Kent Grand Plus”. It has the benefits of a commercial water purification system and also fits in the budget of a family. The description of the product as indicated by the manufacturer is quite impressive: “Transparent cover with Water level indicator: KENT Grand+ has an elegan...[Read More]

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